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Square Feed and Locations

We’ve just started using square with the feed to quickfile and its working well. We run a cafe and small gift shop and are thinking of getting a separate machine for the shop. Square lets you set up more than one location, and assign products by location. On the square feed there is a drop down where you can choose the location, but as far as I can see you can only select one and you can only have one square feed. In an ideal world, it would be nice to have one location going to one holding account in quickfile and the other location to a separate account. Is there anyway of achieving this?



Hi Andy,

This isn’t possible at the moment as only one location is supported. However, I have moved this into a feature request to monitor interest from other users before the developers look into it.

Thanks for the reply, it would be very convenient if we could do that. It just makes it easier if they are separate when it comes to tagging the entries.