Square is there a faster way

Hi i have a square account which is what i am struggling with basically i want to know if their is a quicker way to integrate it with my accounts? so far i am having to do an invoice for each day sales, download bank statement send it across to the square account then put in 2 new transactions 1 for the amount 1 for the fee then tag them onto the invoice to balance the books this is taking me hours as u can imagine anyone know of a quicker way im not very savvy with accounts and this is how i was shown but 1 year on and its getting abit tiring.

it looks like that you enter everything manually. You could enable the auto-feed that will transfer everything from square to quickfile automatically (sales and fees). Then you could create auto-rules and those entries in your square account would be tagged automatically.
Here are some links which are maybe helpful:




To keep it separate for every single customer, you could, in addition, also create a zapier account that would also create invoices in quickfile automatically.

Hope this helps a bit.

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hi thank you for your reply ive read the links and i do sort of get it, but it is very confusing i will have to possibly give it a try and see how i get on with it thanks.

If not done already, start with creating a new bank (merchant account) and choose square. Go to that merchant account, click on more option at the top and create a bank feed. Or click on Account Settings (top menu) and click on Online payment Integration, choose square and create a live feed. When everything is setup that will bring in all future sales which were paid through square (card and cash payments). It will also collect all square fees to your square merchant account within quickfile.
As you mentioned, just give it a try and start setting it up and you will see it is not so confusing and difficult. And if you get stuck, just come back here and I am sure I or someone else here would be happy to help and assist you.