Square Payments on Terminal


I’ve got the Square integration setup on my QF account.
If I generate an invoice, but then the customer pays me on my physical card terminal rather than using the payment link, Are these still auto imported into QF for Tagging?


Hi @Jsmith9114,

If you have the automated feed set up on your quickfile account then this will pull through the transactions which you can then tag accordingly

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Hi Jsmith9114,
If you go to https://yourdomain.quickfile.co.uk/services or click on Help and Additional Services
you should see:

Down the screen there should be the option for the Bank Feed and Power User Sub.
After paying it you should be able to activate the square feed. Click on Account Settings and Manage Payment Option , at the top is the square option.
Or open a merchant account in your banking section, choose square and activate it from there.

Hope this helps

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