Square / QF integration - Am I looking for a unicorn?


I run a Cycle shop and I use Square for CRM and QF for basic backend accounting [its a new business].
I’ve run in to problem whereby some of the items I sell in my store (specific example : Helmets) are zero rated for VAT.
This means that I somehow need to pull all the components of a sale (which could include both std VAT and Zero VAT) at the item level in to QF so that my VAT report correctly reflects my Output VAT treatments.
Is this possible?

I’ve looked at Zapier, but the API integration doesn’t seem to support this.

I hope that makes sense.



If you have the actual invoice/breakdown on the invoice in Square then you only need to make sure the figures match in QF for the VAT return, so you can just edit the net & VAT amounts for the total on the invoice.

Hi Lurch, thanks for the reply.

I don’t replicate the invoices in QF (yet) but thats where my thinking is going. That said, I’ve tried to use Zapier to push invoices to QF this morning, but it doesn’t seem to support the level of detail to support differing VAT treatments.
I’m really looking at something that is frictionless/integrated as I don’t want to have to be manually entering/correcting accounting entries.

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Hi RichardCCH,
I use zapier and it is working for me.
You said you tried to create invoices in quickfile via zapier.
At the bottom, the last line, in the quickfile app (in zapier) that is the line which picks up the VAT (see below)

Hi rhc,

yes I can see that field, however there doesn’t appear to be any corresponding data supplied by the Square schema that maps a VAT rate from the transaction. So I assume it will just take the ‘default value’ which would be the standard VAT rate, which unfortunately doesn’t help.

I’ve also noticed that some of the other fields in the schema appear to be duplicated. For example, the field ‘Tender amount money currency’ shows as ‘GBP, GBP’. Similarly ‘Tender amount money amount’ shows as ‘12399, 12399’ (transaction value £123.99). This has the effect of creating a value in QF of £12399,12399…

I must be doing something wrong… Will try and get support to help…

Thanks again,


Hi @RichardCCH,

You may be best to speak with Zapier support for help with this but I have found this which may help with the formatting: https://zapier.com/apps/formatter/integrations

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Hi RichardCCH,
You are right, Zapier doesn’t provide the VAT value.
But there are tools in zapier to do this for you.
After you created the first part of the zap (square) you have to add one of the zapier helper apps called “Path”. With this app you filter out, for example, the zero rated products like helmets. If this is triggered let the app create a value line with 0 . Then you can just carry on to the quickfile app and let the quickfile app pick up the zero (0) for the VAT box. If you sell one of the 20% VAT items, you have also to filter them out via the path app but this time let the app create a value line with 20. After that, carry on to the quickfile app and pick the value 20 line for the VAT box.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Give it a try and experiment a little bit - I can say it is worth it. The good thing is as long as you just testing you don’t need to pay.

In regards to the value: I get both values from square, in pence and in pounds. See below


Have a look in your feed in zapier, there should be both values.

Hope this helps

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Hi @rhc , @QFBeth

thanks for the info, I’ll try that and see how I get on…


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