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Starling Bank debits not showing

Hi, I have a bank feed to Starling bank. but it only shows money going into the account (credit). Any payments made from the account I have to enter manually into quick file (debit). I have tried to unlink the feed and then relink again but this doesn’t seem to help. (My bank feeds to Lloyds work fine for both debits & credits) . Any ideas ??


How long has this been going on for and how long have you waited, and is it with all payments?

There is a delay with Starling in that the transaction won’t appear in Quickfile until it it marked as cleared but Starling will show some transactions in the statement before they are cleared but this only really applies to card transactions. Most other direct debits etc are instant IME.

Hi Thanks for your reply. This has always been the same. so 6 months + . Money going into the account shows usually the next day, so within 24 hours. There are only bank transfers going in from lloyds. all money going out is payments from UK to USA via bank transfer. (Starling show all transactions fine, its just the bank feed that seems to be the issue between Starling and Quickfile)

Hi @MarkR

If the debit transactions aren’t showing at all then this does sound strange. I will send you a private message to get some more information from you so we can look into any errors on your feed

Sounds like foreign transactions aren’t included in the Starling webhook mechanisms which is what Quickfile use to import transactions.

OK thanks for your help.

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