Starling bank feed dissappeared + workaround

So I have a feed connected for my Wise accounts, and I had a feed connected for Starling. The strange thing was that in the “open feeds” page accessed from the main menu, I could only see the Wise feed. Starling feed wasnt visible anywhere, though it was working and bank transactions were being imported.

Anyway. Its time to renew the feed but Starling is no-where to be found. The only way I could access the Starling feed was from the “bank accounts management” page, and clicking on “options” > “view bank feed” directly from the individual account.

More strange was that the only way I could renew the feed was by removing & deleting it. Clicking to renew didnt work. I also still couldnt re-add starling from the main menu page, it just wasnt showing in the list of available banks to connect with.

However, it did work from the individual bank account options menu. So I’m reconnected, but just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else encounters the same issue.

Hi @fudgednumbers

The reason the Starling feed doesn’t appear under “Open Banking”, is because the Starling feed isn’t strictly an Open Banking feed, but rather Starling’s own take on it.

Starling has to be renewed from their end. When you’re close to the 90 day authorisation period, Starling will send you a message in your app to prompt you to re-authorise any connections (not just QuickFile). Providing you do this within the 90 days, the feed will continue to work as normal.

Where did you see the option to renew the Starling feed? I don’t believe this should be available in QuickFile. If you could let me know a few more details, I’d like to pass this to our development team to investigate further.

perhaps this is why I thought something was going wrong, when apparently it wasn’t.

So basically, unlike Wise, I can’t renew the Starling feed in the same way - if it expires, I need to delete the feed and reconnect it, which is essentially what I did.

Correct. Starling has to be renewed from their end, otherwise it’s disconnect and set it up again.

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