Starling bank issues

I have lost the connection to my starling Bank feed but when I try to reconnect the bank feed the drop down menu does not list any bank accounts let alone the starling account so I cannot re connect the feed. I really don’t want to cancel the bank account and import it all from a statement again. Any ideas? It does seem a bit extreme to have to start from scratch…


You don’t have to start over with a fresh bank account in QuickFile, just revoke the bank feed, then you should be able to set it up again and attach the feed back to the existing QuickFile bank account. The issue is that for some reason QuickFile only allows one feed authorisation per bank to be connected at any one time (though the authorisation can fetch data for more than one bank account if you have several with the same bank), so it won’t let you connect a fresh starling feed until you revoke the previous failed one.

Hi Ian

The only bank feed showing is my old expired Nat west one - I have revoked that but still cannot either revoke the starling feed or find starling in the drop down menu to relink it - all a bit odd… Sorry for being such a dolt!

Hi @vicihemming,

I will close this thread as we are helping you in a private message :slight_smile:

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