Starling Bounce Back Loan not showing

The Starling banking feed didn’t pull through the Bounce Back Loan, the updated balance on the account or the subsequent repayment that has gone out.

Any ideas?

Is the feed connected and active? If so, did you just active the feed or do you have had the feed running before the loan and payments reached/ left your bank account?
If you just activated the feed, then you may have to upload those missing transaction manually because the feed doesn’t collect old data.

Yea - the feeding has been running for over a year or so… Just that particular transaction hasn’t been picked up. I suspect as it’s a non-standard transaction it’s perhaps getting lost in translation somewhere…

Hi @Halo3,

When did the transaction take place? It may be that it hasn’t fully cleared which is why it hasn’t pulled through

8th March - so it’s been a month

Hi @Halo3,

I will send you a private message to get your account details so we can take a look at your feed

I had this issue, @QFMathew has this as a PM but apparently it should have come through but didn’t. Never got any more info than that, I assume this is a general Starling issue.

Hi @Lurch,

Similar with this one, I pulled the transaction through by refreshing and there is nothing obvious (to me anyway) to show why it didn’t come through - I’ve sent on the information to the dev team though so maybe someone more qualified can find something :crossed_fingers:

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Same thing has happened with me, It’s the only transaction that hasn’t been pulled through to QF


Hi @Jsmith9114

I believe my colleague @QFBeth has messaged you regarding this, and hopefully come to a solution.

If you encounter any further issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

@Lurch - Is this now working as expected for you?

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No idea, only had 1 loan so can’t repeat it to test!

Apologies - I thought the repayments were missing! :slight_smile:

Not yet, I’ll check when I do start repaying it though.

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I’ve also not had a bouceback loan pulled via my starling feed. What was the solution without me manually entering it in and then setting up a tag.

Sorry to hear that @Naz_Haque.

Would you mind sending us some details in a private message to @QFSupport? We can take a look to see what’s happening here for you, and update the entry if needed

From our analysis we have no record of receiving these entries from Starling. We did however notice that they are being sent on the newer V2 web hooks that Starling are currently rolling out. Within the next 2 weeks all Starling feeds will be migrated to this newer platform and this should resolve the issue with the missing BBL entries.

For any historic entries we can re-run the feed for you so that they are pulled in. Please just send a PM to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number.

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