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Starling Feed not working and can't be recreated

Hi I have an automated bank feed subscription so that my Starling Bank account passes details to Quickfile. All was working fine, but I’ve just loaded Quickfile to do my latest VAT return and notice that nothing has been passed across since 30 May.

I read a previous post about removing the Starling bank feed and adding it again. However the Starling feed is already removed for some reason, and appears not to be available on the list of bank feeds to add…

Can anyone help as I need to do my VAT return this weekend

I Also spent an hour in webchat with Starling last night and it transpires that the integration is managed by QuickFile and not Starling (apparently). On the Starling app there is no longer any evidence of there being an integration in place with QuickFile (even an expired one) and on QuickFile there is no sign of an expired connection, nor the option to recreate it. All very odd

In your starling bank account within quickfile, have you clicked on Option and then on Setup a direct Feed

and follow the instructions/steps

Many thanks - that seems to have done the trick (won’t know for sure until the sync next runs at 1am) . But at least I’ve been able to complete my VAT return now!

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