Starling Feed not working

My Starling feed is not working.

It showed 2 transactions after it was set up, and now it is not picking up new ones.

I have removed the feed and re-added it, to no avail.

Hi @Nuvelle

When was it set up? What type of transactions are missing (e.g. card payments, faster payments, etc.)?

It was set up mid Jan.

It is missing 2 card payments and a refund.

In the app all are tagged as “online payments” (2 are negative, 1 is positive - refund)

When were the card payments made? Was the refund back to the card (e.g. when you buy something and pay by card, they’ll often refund it back to the card)?

Card payments can take anything up to a few days to appear. The Starling App shows transactions as they happen, but QuickFile reflects your bank statement which is when a transaction has cleared. It may be worth cross-referencing your transactions in QuickFile compared to your bank statement.

They are now showing up in the feed.

The bank feed page says my transactions will show in “real time”. You may want to change that wording as it is obviously not the case.

Transactions do show up in real time, the difference is that the Starling app shows card authorisations as soon as the card is authorised as if they were true transactions, whereas QuickFile only shows the transaction once the payment has cleared and the exact amount and final transaction date are known.

That is a technicality that most users do not care about.

I made a transaction with my card. Quickfile state “realtime”. If this is not the case it should be clearer.

Just changing the wording or adding a caveat will avoid customer confusion and posts like this one.

Hi @Nuvelle

Thank you for your feedback.

As @ian_roberts mentioned, the transactions do reflect Starling, and in the case of most transactions, will appear instantly in your QuickFile account. Card transactions sit in a state of “Pending” until they completely clear - this is shown in the Starling app by tapping on the transaction in question. Until it moves to a cleared state, it won’t appear in QuickFile.

To confirm - the QuickFile bank statement view should reflect what you see in your Starling statement, rather than the transaction list (which includes pending transactions).

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It’s not a technicality, it’s you missing the point. Quickfile shows transactions when they clear. Your credit card shows them when they are still pending to clear.

Unfortunately the starling “statement” section also showed the pending items whilst QuickFile did not, hence the confusion.

When you say “statement”, do you mean the PDF or CSV export, or more of the transaction list in the app?

The statement is different to the transaction list. The transaction list shows the authorisations, whereas the statement only shows confirmed and cleared transactions. It’s the latter that QuickFile would reflect.

The PDF export inside the starling app showed the transactions in question, whilst quickfile did not.