Start up VAT Return Cash Accounting Arrears Handling

I am starting my first Quickfile VAT return for the quarter ending 30th June & have set up for Cash Accounting. I am unsure how to deal with a number of sales arrears invoices going back to an invoice date of 26th December 2016. These are not bad debts as they are slowly being paid off.
Having experimented with recalculating vat return and altering starting dates I wonder if one of the following options is sensible?
1). Type in the invoices that are part paid but in arrears using the correct invoice dates and making them part paid as per the original payment dates. This should leave the correct outstanding balance on each invoice. I would backdate the VAT start date to the earliest invoice, ie December 16. Not sure if I should be concerned that I would be straddling more than one tax & financial year?
2). Leave VAT start date as April 1st 19. Set up arrears invoices as new invoices dated April 1st for just the amount that is outstanding. Although not strictly correct from an accounting perspective the QF VAT should be correct as the only figures taken into this quarters VAT return will be the actual cash received this quarter. I can then adjust my eventual year end manually to reflect the actual accounting position.
Any advice gratefully received!

Hi @Richardo,

Sorry that you have not had a response to your query - unfortunately I am not able to help either as I am not a qualified accountant.

I would say that you need to contact an accountant to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. If you don’t have your own then there are a few available through QuickFile :slight_smile:

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