Starting a new business - New QuickFile account

I am starting a new limited company so I need a separate accounting setup for it. I tried to register for a new account but your system recognised me as already having an account with you. How do I register for a new account?

Just use a different email address to sign up. I have 2 companies and 2 QF accounts.

As You can use different email address, You can also try to use different company name (, I have two accounts for the same company with only two letters different, one being used for training and the other is for production.

I’ve set up the new account and have also set up the bank feed, but it isn’t working. I’ve checked the passcode and memorable word - both are correct and allow me to log into Barclays. I’ve also checked that the account number is correct. I’ve cleared and re-entered the details twice just to make absolutely sure, but still no transactions have come through. The first transaction on the bank account was on Friday 10th October. What do I do now?

The bank feed actually ran late this morning due to some connectivity problems with Barclays last night. It should be complete in 1-2 hours. I will however manually check your feed for you and make sure everything is working.


Quick check and I can see we are connecting, just no transactions on the account from the date the feed was setup. Bear in mind that the feed will only pickup transactions from the date it was setup.

Still nothing come through. The feed was originally set up on Friday 10th because that was the date the first deposits were made into the bank account. Further transactions occurred yesterday, but nothing is showing on my Quickfile account. Should I manually load transactions from 10th to today and then see if the feed picks up going forward?

OK I see what happened here. The feed was trying to import from 9th October but Barclays were saying that you can only import from 10th on this account. I adjusted the start date and it pulled in 4 transactions, it should now work fine thereafter.