Starting a Partnership / Partnership Loan Account / Partner Capital Introduced and Drawings

When I initially set up the quickfile I have a business bank account plus 3 drawing accounts for 3 partners.
We have all invested 7.5k each.
Do I set up 3 other accounts to show the initial investment ?
Then at the end of the year use the drawings accounts to take from the initial investment.

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That’s correct, all you need to do is maintain a ‘Partner Drawings Account’ for each partner, these accounts should then be used to track all capital introduced and any payments/repayments made to each partner.

We started our partnership in November 2012 we did not do our first invoice to April 2013 but need to do any of year and profit and loss for self assesment .
Will this run from nov 2012 - April 2013?
In which case there will be no turnover just set up costs and business purchases.

Also can we claim capital gains tax on the machines we bought for the business? And how do I do this?