Statement doesnt calculate correctly

I need to send a client a statement but when I go to do it it lists the outstanding invoices and the credit note as a - value , but the total outstanding balance doesn’t calculate in the credit note? Please help.


Hi @sean1

If the credit note is being held on the account as a pre-payment then this balance isn’t included in the total as it isn’t necessarily for those outstanding invoices.

If the credit note was created to reduce an invoice balance then this would be included in the total

Hope this makes sense

Thanks Beth but it doesn’t quite make sense. The client wants a statement to show what is left to pay. I had originally allocated the credit note to an invoice and he didn’t like that. Is there any other way to make the statement reflect what would be left to pay as a balance taking into account the credit?

Hi @sean1

You may be best downloading the transactions into excel and then creating the total yourself to send to your client?

Hi @sean1

We do offer an alternative statement format which can be enabled by going to Account Settings >> Advanced Features. This does lay the statement out in a different format - a bit more like you see on the payments list. This may be clearer for your client.

With the way it is at the moment, this would be the correct way to handle it. As @QFBeth mentioned above, that prepayment may not necessarily be for the outstanding invoices (e.g. a prepayment for a future project), so it isn’t taken into account.

You may also wish to add your vote to this request, which although is about minus balances, does look at the same sort of query as the one you had: Statements - Minus Balance

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