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I have approx 60 Invoices from one supplier for month of March and also Statement.
Is it ok to log figures from statement or do I have to log each purchase invoice (time consuming )



Hi @Rafik,

Did you manage to resolve your query from searching the forums? Personally as long as the VAT is calculated correctly I see no harm in creating it as a mass invoice. I am however not an accountant so it may be best to check with a professional so that you can be sure you’re accounting for everything correctly.




Yes it has been resolved. I will enter total VAT (zero,low and std) taken from my Z read. When viewing invoice defaults to Std rate (to be ignored). I checked vat returns and is showing correct amount.

I have been entering and deleting all my entries as a trial to get used to navigating.

My first VAT return (via quickfile) starts this Month (April) and will be submitted by end of May.

Hope everything goes well. Will be getting credentials from HMRC after submitting March returns


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