Stopping Paypal feed from creating purchase invoices

Just wondered if it was possible to stop the paypal feed from logging fees as a “purchase” for my purposes they are more realistically bank charges and i’d prefer my front line purchases to just show for goods. Even disabling the tagging for the feed does not stop this auto tag.

I’m checking with our engineer and I believe we can stop logging PayPal charges altogether but that would mean they wouldn’t appear at all and you would need to log these periodically yourself.

When Quick File automatically tags these entries we do in fact tag them to the nominal “Bank Charges”. You can see these on your Chart of Accounts if you inspect the ledger. But yes you are correct it does create a purchase invoice in the process.

As suspected we can switch this off but it will not leave the charges untagged, it just won’t create them at all. Having said that, in most cases you can assume any balance on the PayPal account relates to bank charges and just NET this off once a month by entering a balancing transaction and tagging directly to “Bank Charges”.

so if i wanted to how would i turn this function off?

It’s something we need to do on our side. Would you like me to switch this off?

Yes if you could switch it off for me just now that would be great. If I change my mind can it be reversed?

No problem, we will locate your account and update this setting for you.

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