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Stripe & adding new clients


Can someone please assist?

  • When adding new clients I have to tick ‘disable payment option’ save and then go back in and untick to enable it as it does not auto save (this has been like this for some while)

  • Also my email address is added as default for all new clients (this has recently started)



Hi @ArtNet,

Your email address appearing in the box could be something to do with the AutoFill settings on your internet browser - please could you let me know which browser you are using so that I can help you to disable this feature?

What do you mean by this? It won’t save the setting if you leave it as enabled?




By default the ‘disable payment option’ is unticked (in add new client section) however if left and an invoice is created it has no option to pay on-line… I have to go back into client/modify client, tick the box, save go back in and untick it… Hope this explanation helps?



The email address being filled in is the browser although this minor issue could be mitigated by Quickfile renaming the field to something different than the login email field.




Thank you - we will have a look into this for you and let you know :slight_smile:

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It has been suggested to the development team to alter the wording slightly to avoid this happening.

@ArtNet - the only way to stop this happening would also stop it happening when you actually want it to - but you can adjust the Autofill settings if you want/need to by going to: chrome://settings/passwords




We have tested this ourselves and cannot mimic the error. The only thing we can think of is that when you are entering the new client information this box is being ticked without you realising when you’re creating the client (perhaps by autocomplete or similar)?

Have you tried selecting the box and then un-selecting before saving to ensure that the box has been left as enabled(un-ticked).

Let me know if this helps.



It is very odd… as it was working correctly & was only brought to my attention when a client told me that they couldn’t pay via card… I initially thought that it was my fault… however it just keeps happening (as I started checking by imitating client and confirming) - but not always!!! It was no biggie initially as I just kept creating new client ticking the box, saving and then going back & unticking… I do get the feeling that this may well be a symptom of something larger!! Anyhoo I will continue to do what I’ve been doing and am surprised that this is happening to just me!!



It is odd,

Hopefully if someone else is having the same issue then they will see this thread and let us know, but unfortunately for now we cannot find an issue to be able to fix it.

Sorry we couldn’t be more help


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