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Hi, I use Stripe but infrequently. The last transaction required a subsequent partial refund. As this occurred nearly a month ago and Stripe had not taken the money from my account I contacted them today to make sure everything is OK. After reviewing things they wanted me to re-enter my bank account details under “Balance/Settings”
This option does not appear in my menu so after discussing with them they believe this is due to they integration with QuickFile and have asked me to ask you if we can reset my bank account (re-enter my bank details) via QuickFile.
As far as I can remember I only enetered my bank details directly into Stripe when I first set things up but that was a while ago.
Any ideas please?


Hi @tc5440

I don’t believe the integration with QuickFile would affect this as all accounts would be set up directly with Stripe and the connection just authorised with QuickFile.

Am I right in thinking the top screenshot is your account, whereas the bottom one is what you should be seeing?

Yes that’s correct. I thought that was how it worked also. Would all of my bank details have been entered directly on stripe?

Yes, we don’t handle anything like this. When a payment is taken by Stripe (via QuickFile), everything is sent directly to Stripe, and the collection and payout of the funds is all done by them.

Out of curiosity, do you have a “Team” option under “Business Settings”? If so, does it show anything on that page which suggests you may not be the administrator? I’m wondering if it’s more of a permissions thing.

I presume you mean in Stripe settings? Under Team there is only me and I am listed as Administrator (Owner)

Yep - that’s the ones (sorry - I should have said that!)

Certainly sounds a bit strange, and not a situation I’ve come across before. Is your account 100% verified? I’m sure Stripe would have mentioned this, but apart from not having access, which isn’t the case, not being verified would be the only thing that comes to mind for this issue.

Thanks, they haven’t mentioned it but is is 100% verified. I’m on the chat with them and have re-entered my bank details so we are waiting to see if that fixes it.
They seem very helpful much like yourselves and are doing what they can to figure it out. It would seem thay haven’t hd the same issue before either. I would guess that for poeple who use stripe regularly the negative value would fix itself with other incoming payments.
I’ll let you know how I get on.

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Just had an email from the Stripe support team and the day they have sorted it and the -ve payment will go through on 11/2/19. Hopefully it works.

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Thanks for the update! Hope that works all OK for you :slight_smile:

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