Stripe Feed - I can't find the option to activate it

I am trying to set up the Stripe feed on a client’s QF account 6131471756 but there isn’t any option to integrate with Stripe

Could you please assist

Hi @Ashden

The option can be found in the Manage Payment Options which is found in the Account Settings menu.

You will need to activate Stripe first to enable the connection between QuickFile and Stripe itself.

There isnt “Manage Payment Options” under Account Settings - do you mean “Online Payment Integration” if so for Stripe we are only given the option of Activating a new Stripe account which we dont want to do as the client already has a Stripe account

On the Account Settings drop down, you should have “Manage Payment Options”:


However, if you do go to All Settings first, then yes, “Online Payment Integration” would be the same option.

You should then see an “Activate” option for Stripe:

This would take you to the Stripe website, where you can create a new account. If you already have an account, there’s a “Login” option in the top right:

When you log in, you will just need to grant access to QuickFile, and in turn, allow you to enable the feed.

Hope that helps, but please let us know if you need further help with this :slight_smile:

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