Stripe Feed Not Working

Is there any recent issues with the stripe feed? Nothing seems to come through. I even had an invoice automatically marked as paid via Stripe but does not show in my feed.

It is working om my side. When the transaction took place today then you will see this tomorrow. If it is an older transaction, it maybe helps to delete the feed and create a new one

Hi @InfoBest

Are you still having problems with this? If you are, just let us know and we can take a look into it for you.

Hi, yes. i have the feed setting as ticked for Stripe but no luck seeing a live feed

In your stripe account, click on Option and Feed Settings

You should see

In the top right corner, if you see the grey field “Disconnect” then your feed is live.

Hi, yes this is correct. I can disconnect but have nothing coming through on the feed. Transactions are going through frequently and from QuickFile invoices.

Hi @InfoBest

Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the account?

Hi, yes i have tried that. Thanks

Hi @InfoBest

Are you able to confirm the last 4 digits of your account number and we can take a look ?

6736 thanks for the help

Hi @InfoBest

Thank you for confirming. For some reason it looks like you have managed to get two stripe feeds on your account - one of the developers is looking into it now

Hi @InfoBest

They can confirm that the feed is working and is connected to the stripe holding account

Ah, very odd. Thank you for solving

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