Stripe holding account transactions

Hi - is there a simple guide that explains how I should tag the various transactions that appear in the Stripe holding account when a new card payment is made. I will try to explain my difficulty.

On April 25th - the following transactions appear in the Stripe Holding account (STHA)

  1. A customer pays a £36. invoice by card using Stripe.
  2. This ‘Money In’ appears in the (STHA) and is automatically tagged by the system to the previously unpaid sales invoice - all good.
  3. A further transaction appears (STHA) same value as the sales invoice is raised ‘Money In’ same invoice number shown.
  4. Finally, a further small processing Fee (0.88) appears in Money Out

So, the holding account balance after these transactions in the 2 x sales value less the processing fee. £71.12

On April 26th
A transaction is generated in the STHA called Stripe Payout £35.12 tag says Confirm

On May 7th an incoming payment appears in the current account £35.12 tag says Confirm

If i hit confirm in / on current account tag the item and the Stripe Payout are both tagged. but the ‘Money in’ generated payment (April 25th) remains untagged and therefore carrying forward a balance of the STHA of £36 - what do I do with that?

Apologies if this is really basic stuff, clearly, I’m not an accountant just a very confused user

That sounds to me like the “automated feed” element of QuickFile’s stripe integration is picking up and duplicating the incoming payments of the “pay online” element - @QFSupport is this normal? Does the feed not have some way to match and ignore transactions on the feed that originated as invoice payments in QuickFile itself?

Hi Ian, thanks - taking on board our comments I went into the Stripe feed and there is an option to defer Stripe Payouts - I’m not sure if that will fix the problem, but it seems to be the only way of modifying the feed so I’ll give that a try