Stripe In Person

Has anyone used the new in person Stripe card payment machines with quickfile? If so, how do they work? Can quickfile generate what the stripe pos needs?

What do you mean with that?

In quickfile you can activate a auto stripe feed which brings in all transactions and stripe fees. So, if you take a payment, of lets say £10, by using the stripe card reader and the stripe auto feed is activated on your quickfile account then that payment (£10) will showup in your stripe holding account, also a second line showing the stripe fee (£0.24) as a money out transaction. For the stripe fee you have to create a purchase invoice to the supplier Stripe (to make things easier you can create auto tagging rules which will create those invoices automatically). For the money in transaction you have to create a sales invoice.
When stripe transfers the money (£10 minus £0.24) to your current account, tag this transaction as a “transfer between accounts”

Have a look here, these articles are mey helpful:

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@rhc can you tell me how to create auto tagging rules to create automatic invoices? or point me in the direction with a link?

Yes, certainly I can.
There are two ways. One way: When you tag a transaction to an invoice in your quickfile stripe account, there will be a a tick box ‘create a auto tagging rule’ during the process. Tick that box and all future payments like this one will be tagged automatically.

Second way: In your banking dashboard (where you see all your bank, cash … Accounts), click option and bank tagging rules. There you can create them manually, tailored to your needs. That is also the place to amend existing rules.

Hope this helps

All of that is about getting the merchant account transactions into quickfile.

I am talking about using the new stripe pos terminals for payment in person (not by invoice). Stripe doesn’t directly provide an app/software to generate the sales info for the pos handset and was asking if quickfile can or will be doing this.