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Stripe integration - Include Payment ID in payment records

This applies principally to Stripe payments that are not the result of a Quickfile invoice: mostly they’re made via a form on my website. Sometimes there will be a corresponding Quickfile invoice already in existence; sometimes the invoice and/or the customer will have to be created in Quickfile as part of the tagging process.

When a customer makes a payment, Stripe sends me an email notification containing the customer’s email address and a payment ID - a unique string for that payment, starting pi_

Unfortunately, the Quickfile Stripe integration module only includes the Stripe charge id in the payment records it creates - a different string starting ch_.

Stripe does not include the charge id in its notification email.

This makes it impossible to do a quick visual confirmation of which customer the payment came from.

I sometimes have multiple payments for the same amount on the same day from different customers, so it is a pain.

Is there any reason the payment ID isn’t included in the Quickfile payment record? It should be used instead of the charge ID as that isn’t very useful.

Hi AndyK,
It is maybe not useful for you but for other people this number is useful.
For example I use the same stripe feed in quickfile and get the same information which you receive. But I also use zapier to import invoices from stripe or my website to quickfile, so that I don’t have to do it. I use this number starting with ch to identify the invoices when I tag the transactions from my stripe account within quickfile. May you should have a lookat zapier as well, it is very helpful (for me).

So, same people use the ch number, and to display both numbers, I think there is not enough space.
I also use the order number (as a double check) to identify clients and payments on both, the stripe feed and the zapier feed. This number is also in the email I get from stripe. But this number I have setup on my website so I am not sure is this number included in every stripe feed.
Hope this helps

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We just match on the order number generated by our web store which Stripe also quotes.

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