Stripe not accounting for Vat in feed

Have found how to change the setting for Paypal intergration in the you treat all sales as vatable but it does not give you that option in the Stripe Feed.

Any advise please

Does the stripe feed create invoices? I thought it just imported transactions like a normal bank feed and left you to tag them?

My Stripe feed doesn’t create invoices. I don’t think it is supported, and more of just a feed like you mention Ian

Thanks for your input, yes ours is the same so will need to enter the Vat owed manually each month. Shame the software doesnt do the same as the Paypal Intergration.

Do the transaction descriptions that come in on the stripe feed have enough in common to write a bank auto-tagging rule to create invoices?

Alternatively, your stripe payments must relate to sales on some other platform (it’s not like PayPal where people can just send you money unsolicited), so does that platform itemise the VAT and is there a way you could create your QuickFile sales from that data instead of using the stripe feed? If your other platform is doing the invoices that actually go to the customer then you don’t necessarily need to generate a separate invoice in QuickFile for every sale, you could maybe just log daily totals using a CSV upload or the cash register tool.

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