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Stripe payment not working

Hi, we have an invoice for which I get a message “This account cannot currently make live charges. If you are a customer trying to make a purchase, please contact the owner of this site. Your transaction has not been processed.” when trying to submit a Stripe payment for the client. I have updated the invoice, checked that Stripe payments are not disabled for this client and also that Stripe payments are not disabled for this invoice. Any ideas?

Hi @tc5440

You may need to verify the stripe account - it could still be in test mode which is why your client is unable to make the payment

You would need to log in to your Stripe account to see if account information is required to complete the account review process.

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Hi, everything was fine at Stripe but it has been a while since it was used. I had to disconnect and reconnect Stripe integration on the Online Payment Integration page. Now it has worked fine.

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