Stripe payments not working

Hi I have sent an invoice to a client who wants to pay by card. Stripe set up. Not disabled in main account settings.
Look at client details - Stripe NOT disabled.
Impersonate client and check “pay selected online” and proceed - and it tells me that online payments not set up.
“There are no available online payment methods available for your invoice selection”

Am I missing something?

Hi @fanny159

Do you notice this with just one particular client or is it on multiple?

I set up a test client and invoice and it works fine - so just this client.

Aha! I have raised a new invoice for that client and it is now working. The setting must have been off when I raised the invoice originally - and it cannot be changed?

Hi @fanny159

This is a possibility, although it can be changed.

From the invoice preview, if you go to More Options >> Pay Online, you should see an option to turn the individual settings on/off:

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