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Stripe transfer duplications


Hi QF,

I noticed that my stripe holding account was showing a negative figure and I since discovered duplications of pay outs.

These duplications are displayed with the Reference of ‘Stripe Payout’ and ‘Transfer to You Store IT’. We had this problem before but QF explained it was a bug and it was resolved but it still appears to be happening.

What we have noticed is that once a payment is made, 2 days later we get the STRIPE PAYOUT. Which is fine and what we believe to be correct but then 4/5 days after the STRIPE PAYOUT we get the same, duplicate transaction with the reference of Transfer to You Store IT LTD.

Are you able to check these for us and confirm how it is happening, is it a bug or is it the rule we have set up when tagging. I am prepared to delete the duplicates but will keep them for your investigation.

E.G of Duplicates

02/12/18 Transfer to YSI is a duplicate of 28/11/18 Stripe Payout etc



Hi @ysi

Do you have a bank account within your QuickFile account called “You Store IT LTD”?



HI yes that is correct, it comes out of the Stripe holding account into the You Store It LTD account. It seems that it is paying into the account twice too. Not the actual bank account but the Quick file account.



I think what’s happening here (and correct me if I’m wrong), is you’re tagging the transfer on the current account (which may come from it’s own bank feed), which as a result is creating the duplicate transfer on the Stripe account.

If this is the case, if you go to Account Settings >> Manage Payment Methods, you should see this option under Stripe:


This means it will no longer come in from Stripe, but would still come in from your bank.



The duplicates happen in both the current account and the holding account. I have found the option but it is currently not selected. If we select this option, what will it ignore, which payout? The one to the current account or the holding account?

I don’t understand why a duplicate transaction is being created in our current account. Why does this happen?

Day 1: User Pays
Day 3: Ref = Stripe Pay out
Day 7: REF = Transfer to current account (Transfer to YSI LTD) (of the same amount)



The ones in the Stripe account only.

When a transfer happens for Stripe, PayPal or any other merchant really, there’s often a delay between when they send funds and when they arrive. This is usually a delay of 2-3 days. So your Stripe feed is creating the one on the day Stripe sends it, and your bank feed is creating another one on the day the bank receives it.

Because the dates are different (due to the delay), it’s not detected as a duplicate when you’re tagging the one side. In this case, when you’re tagging the one in the current account, it’s creating the duplicate one in the Stripe account to match it.

By disabling the option for the Stripe feed, the one created from tagging would then be correct (e.g. you’d have just your day 1 + day 7 entries).



Thanks Mathew, that message is understood. I have enabled the Ignore Payout Transactions and I will keep an eye on the accounts for any potential duplicates.

The Day 7 reference is also the closest date/exact date when the payment actually lands in our actual bank account so that seems correct.


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