Subscription Expired

Hi Just received email stating that subscription has expired. Could you please confirm that as the account is now small because company has ceased to trade that I will still be able to access transactions if required for tax purposes for the next six years.

Many thanks

Hi @n_mc

You can check the size of your account one you are logged in, by going to Account Settings >> Company Settings.

If you are prompted for a subscription when you log in, it’s likely that your account is still in the L or XL tiers and hasn’t dropped down yet. However, if you do require access to your data during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us privately (click my name and then “Message”), and we’ll try to assist you.

Hi Matthew
Thanks for your prompt reply. the account shows as small and is not asking me to renew.

No problem! In that case you can continue to access your data without the need to renew the subscription - it becomes optional :slight_smile:

Thanks I do have two new accounts that have replaced this one so still very much a satisfied customer.

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