Subscription Renewal and Access to old account

I have just switched from Sole Trader to Limited Company status, and as such have set up a new Quickfile account. The subscription for my Sole Trader account has now expired, and I can no longer access it without renewing. I expect to pay the £45.00 plus VAT subscription fee on my new account, but only need to access the records on my old account i.e. there will be no more ledger entries to input on that account. Can I continue with the free subscription model on my old account? I only need it now for reference, as all of my business entries are recorded on the Limited Company account. I am reluctant to pay a second £45.00 fee when I will not be actively using the account.

It is based on the previous 12 months account usage so it will eventually drop below the threshold if you are not using it.

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Thank you for clarifying that point for me. In that case, I had best pay up!

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