Suggestion: allow non-GBP balance sheet base

QuickFile is one of the best app we’ve tried for accounting – it’s simple enough for 99% of the things and the API allows you to customize the 1% of very specific tasks that certain business may have.

It would be very helpful if we could setup companies that have non-GBP base currency for their balance sheet. From personal experience, I have 17 companies that have their balance sheet in EUR or USD, currently paying 40$ / month for each, I’d be glad to migrate them over QuickFile and pay 40$ / year each.

I’m sure many more people will have the same view

Hi @Pablo_Albrecht

Thank you for your positive feedback! :slight_smile:

At the moment all base reporting is done in GBP only. There are several reasons but this includes QuickFile being designed for UK based companies (and therefore the UK tax system etc.).

This has been brought up before and potentially something we will investigate, but I’m unable to offer any timescales or guarantees for this I’m afraid.

You can still input non-GBP invoices, but these will be converted to GBP for the purpose of reporting.

Re-opening an old topic here but I’d also support this, we have several companies who trade in multiple countries BUT are UK tax resident, the key to making it work for us is really a multi company ability so that the accounts of several companies can be aggregated into one holding company so the client can see the overall position they are in, clearly an ability to change the base currency is also helpful in this scenario - it’s always hard to talk to an entity in another country using UKP as the currency, everyone wants to see their own, for us it’s less of an issue since the business owners are UKP denominated BUT it is always painful waiting for someone who’s used to working in another currency do their own translation of what that number you have just said means to them :0)

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