Supplier account linked to wrong company

Hi Glenn, a supplier of mine set me up as a customer of his quickfile account and an email came through with my client area, username and password and it asked if i wanted to link the two accounts as I had a quickfile account.

I thought this was a great idea so linked the two, only to realise that he had used my other email address which is linked to a separate company on quick file.

I asked him to change my email on his client details and send another email through but it still seems to be linked to the other company.

Any suggestions on how to break the link?

Many thanks in advance


Normally you would go to the supplier detail page and switch this off:

To save you some time I’ve disabled this for you.

AH i see you’ve sorted it, thanks alot Glenn, you’re a gent as ever :slight_smile:

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It seems to have brought the amount through but not the invoice details Glenn?

Have i done something wrong?

There’s nothing in the Category, description, Sub Tot, VAT rate, VAT or Total boxes

Are you referring to an invoice imported from a linked account? Do you have the invoice number please?

It’s a supplier receipt from a purchase Glenn

Receipt No: QF00527 (my purchase number)
Supplier Ref: 000558 (my supplier’s invoice number)

If i view it in my suppliers client area all the details are there, if i view it in my quickfile account the details have disappeared?

thanks for your help!

QF00527 looks to have been deleted so unfortunately I can’t see what the original sales invoice looked like. Can you ask the supplier to recreate this please?

strange that as I didn’t delete it?

okay will do Glenn :smile:

okay, I’ve got the chap to delete the old invoice and he’s recreated the invoice (different invoice number) and this seems to have imported okay, and the details have come across so all appears to be good Glenn :smile:

As ever, thanks alot for your help :wink:

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