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Supplier Ageing Report - Supplier showing twice


When I run the Supplier Ageing Report, I have a supplier that appears twice in the report. The supplier’s name is removed, respectively removed. The name of the supplier was updated in the past, but there are not two distinct suppliers in QuickFile. The balance in the ageing report is identical, also the Account Ref. SUP0000951 is identical. This is my QuickFile Account Account: removed. Thank you!



Hi @malut

Thanks for the details - I’ve passed this to our team to take a look.

In the meantime, I’ve removed the supplier and account details from your post as it’s a public forum.



HI @malut,

This error has now been fixed. Please could you try again and let us know if it happens again.

Thanks :slight_smile:



Thanks! It looks fine now.

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