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Supplier > Contact Details > Web Address (Hyperlinked)


When looking at a Supplier card the Contact Details that show at present are;

  • Contact Name
  • Phone
  • E-Mail

But in the Supplier record there are also;

  • Web Address
  • Fax Number

Not so interested with the Fax Number, but the Web Address would be much more usefully placed as part of the visible Supplier card.

Also, the size of the field to enter a Web Address is not big enough, fifty characters is rather small. I have used the facilty of bit.ly to craate short web-address for the suppliers with addresses too long to fit in the box, a little larger would be useful.

To have the Web Address of a Supplier on their card with perhaps an option to hyperlink the address so they act as “bookmarks” would be a useful feature that would improve the contact details of suppliers.


I agree with this please add the “web address” to to the visible supplier card.

This is very similar to what I would also like to see on the “client/customer” visible card…


Yes please!

This facility would be great in the supplier and customer areas.


Would love to see/hear any further input on this. Seems like a relatively simple implementation which would be great for both customers/clients and suppliers