Supplier name too short to find purchase when assigning refund

Hi, I am a very new user but I appear to have uncovered a bug. I had uploaded a bank statement and had a refund from a supplier. When I had created the supplier I gave it a three letter name. When I tried to assign the refund to the purchase I entered the three letter name in the text box and nothing came up. I was able to fix the problem by going to the suppliers section and renaming it with a longer name - which I was then able to find and use.

A - suppliers can be given short names
B - but when searching for them when making a refund you can’t find them

Hi, I tried replicating but can’t see the issue you mention.

Have you tried to “assign” the refund by using red “Tag Me” button in your “Bank Statement” view?

Just to confirm, the search is triggered as soon as the first character is entered. We don’t only search once 3+ characters have been entered. If you can replicate this again in your account let us know and we can take a closer look.

OK. It definitely didn’t work for me until I had renamed the supplier. The initial name was “GST” if that is any use. Might try to replicate later but I need to attend to business…

OK no problem, we will keep an eye open for similar reports.