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Supplier payments to have a default "Paid From" and "Method"

Good afternoon,

When entering a new purchase, most of (but not all) of my purchases are from my cash account (paid from) and method is “Cash” - is there a method to set this as default either across the board, or preferably by individual supplier?

Currently, when I enter a purchase, it’s very quick to add the purchase, but then really annoying to have to select the account & method of payment, especially as it’s the same 80% of the time.

I’ve tried to fathom if there’s a logic to the order of the paid from accounts in the drop down, to change the sort order in the bank accounts screen, but I can’t see any logical order…?


@QFBeth HI Beth, are you able to help with this pls?

Hi @Adrian_Collis,

I don’t believe there is a way to do what you are suggesting so it is best to leave this as a Feature Request.
Sorry I couldn’t be more help

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