Supplier Ref to Remittance Advice

Been attempting to add the Token SupplierRefence to our Remittance Advice email but it refuses to save the changes with the message:


Invoice specific tokens (PurchaseReceiptNumber, PurchaseReceiptDate, PurchaseTotalAmount or SupplierReference) should not be used in conjunction with the @PaidInvoiceList@ token. Doing so will prevent notifications from being sent for payments that are attributed to multipe invoices.

Many of my suppliers are wanting the supplier reference included so that they can identify our payments. Is there an option to be able to include this within the Remittance Advice?

Hi @gjwguk

If you are already using the @PaidInvoiceList@ token, a supplier reference is automatically included.

There are some examples of this being used in this post, that may be of interest: Supplier Ref shown on Remittance

Thanks for confirming supplier reference was itemised on the Remittance advise.

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