Supplier Reference in tagging screen

How hard would it be to have the supplier ref field available in the bank tagging screen?

I am tagging many invoices in the bank tagging area, i.e. creating new purchases from the transactions, but cant add supplier ref without going into each purchase after creating it and several clicks, this is a big pain, and i am for the min having to leave it and not bother since it is taking too much time to do this, and i am dreading when i have to go back and do it.

having the above field would make this alot more user friendly, that or having the option to be able to upload a csv to update the purchases, like other accounting systems allow, simple download your selected purchases, add extra info, or correct mistakes and re-upload the csv, the second option would be alot easier on the server that page requests to change one field at a time, i know i can add th refs if i import the purchases from csv, but these are bank transactions i am creating invoices/receipts from so i am not uploading new ones.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this ?

I don’t believe it would be too difficult, It’s adding the background duplication checking that would take time to implement.

I’ve logged it for review and we’ll see what can be done.

Ok thank you, and also for the quick response… :smiley:

I’m pleased to say that this feature has now been implemented. You can now insert a supplier reference from the bank tagging screen for new purchases.

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Great, and again thanks for the quick turnaround, every little tweak make Quickfile more easier to use.

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