Suppliers deletion process

Hi, I have noticed after tagging all transactions to the corresponding supplier account, I still have a list of these transactions as supplier accounts yet with no detail of transaction. The transaction records are found under the supplier account in which they are tagged too. Does this mean I can go through my list and delete all the transaction records where there is no detail and be left with the actual QF supplier accounts. if I delete these, will there be any adverse affect to my accounts? Complicated to explain but hopefully someone understands me??


Sorry I’m not quite sure what the questions is here. If you delete the “tagged” transactions from the bank then this will remove the payment from the invoice and revert it to unpaid, so in that sense it will modify your accounting records as it will increase the debtor control balance and decrease the bank balance.

I know it is confusing however let me try to explain again. When bulk tagging the the transactions on the uploaded bank statement to the QF supplier accounts I am left afterwards with all transactions posted to the QF supplier account, but also with the transactions as they appear on the bank statement. It is like they are duplicating the supplier account under a different reference.
QF Supplier account - Tesco stores
Bank Statement - Tesco stores ref001122 etc

Even though the transaction is tagged to Tesco Stores it also appears as another supplier account.

Therefore in my supplier accounts list i have as follows.

QF supplier account - Tesco stores ( with all transactions tagged to it )
QF supplier account - Tesco Stores ref 001122 ( with no details in it )

Does this make sense now?

When you tag payments on the bank to a supplier it will create an invoice and link the payment on the bank to pay down that invoice. In the purchase management screen you will see a list of purchase invoices and in the bank you will see a list of payment transactions linked to those purchase invoices.

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