Suppliers invoice total does not match QF calculated payment


I’m attempting to settle a supplier’s account but I’m having problems getting the QF calculated payment to match the value of the supplier’s invoices.

When I select the relevant invoices in the’ purchases’ screen to total displayed is correct. However, when I go through the steps to pay down these invoices with a single payment the calculated total for payment is less than the value of the suppliers invoices even taking into account a couple of credit notes in the period.

It would be useful if I could see how QF calculated what payment is due.

In attempting to resolve this I used funds on account to partially pay down an invoice but this seems to have accounted for the credits twice and now I can’t delete the partial payments from the credit on account.

Please advise.

Any credit notes applied to invoice should appear on invoice screen just before balance due, what happens if you try log payment from invoice screen and tick option Pay in full? Does it not put amount automatically which is due as per balance row?

Probably best if we can get some additional info for you. I’ll send you a private message.

In general the total in the orange helper will only show the gross. When the balance is being calculated it will remove any credit notes and previously allocated payments.

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