Suppress sender address on sales invoice without suppressing name and contact details

I have a new client who has switched to Quickfile who wishes to display their company name and email/telephone contact details on their sales invoices, but no postal address. If they opt to hide address in the invoice customisation area, this suppresses everything including their name and all notes with contact details. Is there a way around this?

Hi @katebaxter

They could add their details in the footer of the invoice or did they want them to appear where the address should?

You may be able to use some CSS to hide certain lines if you have a power user subscription

Thanks. They want it at the top where the address would normally be. I had a look at the CSS but think that would suppress the whole section, much as the ‘hide address’ button already does. VAT invoices should show the sender address so I think the solution is just to include the address! I just wanted to explore the options as they have moved from QuickBooks which did allow the address but not the other details to be suppressed.

Hi @katebaxter

You’re correct, it would hide the whole thing. The only alternative is to have it hidden and then have the details within the footer region and/or as part of the logo?

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