Suspense account - 9998

I have a credit entry in the suspense account which I cannot get rid of. It was originally a posting to a ‘bank account’ set up as MyLife Software petty cash (an account I was holding on behalf of a client) and which has now been deleted. However, the amount which was deposited in the account is showing in the suspense account code 9998.

Any ideas how to clear this?


I do see a transaction for £200 on the suspense account for 23/09/2013 but that’s linked to an untagged transaction on the main current account for the same date. If you tag or delete that corresponding transaction on the current account it will disappear.

Brilliant - many thanks. All sorted.

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Everything in my bank (in the date range up to 31/12/2013) appears to be tagged but I’m still getting a lot of things end up in the suspense account and am not sure what to do about these?

One other thing to note is that bank transfers actually remain in the 9998 account permanently even after they’ve been tagged, the net effect on the balance however is zero.