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Suspense Account - How to work with it


As you know, your suspense account contains any untagged items and ‘traces’ of other transactions. The problem is you need to separate the ‘trace’ entries (usually many of) from the (hopefully few) non tagged entries, so you can then reconcile the non tagged entries. This is how I managed it.

  1. Go to your Suspense Account (#9998)

  2. Enter the date range you wish to view the data for, and then click ‘Export Data’, and select ‘All ledger items for date range’.

  3. This will download a CSV file for you.

  4. Open/Import this CSV file in your favourite Spreadsheet programme, ie, Excel, Libre Office Calc, etc.

IMPORTANT - When the import window displays, make sure you tell the programme that the first colunm is a ‘DATE’ column.

  1. Sort the displayed spreadsheet, in ascending order by DATE.

REASON - This will ensure almost all ‘trace’ entries will display their matching Credit and Debit entries one after the other. This makes it much easier to delete these matching entries.

  1. Delete all pair of matching Credit & Debit entries, leaving only the un tagged entries left for you to reconcile.

Hope this helps.

If anyone (ie, an accountant) has a better method, please post it.




Thanks for your guide @GaryWilliams! I’m sure other users will find this helpful :slight_smile:


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