Suspense Account, Locate Transaction

Hi All…

Just wondering I have come across a transaction in my suspense accounts, with the description of “Test”. Clearly some how, for some reason I must have done this by accident. But rather than journal this out. I need to know the other half of the double entery (tag) that put it there…

Any ideas, it was not done as a manual journal I have checked that first. It’s only for £10, but it’s a debit in my 9998 Suspense accounts, hence wrongly effecting my P&L.

Thanks in advance.


Actually. I have found a really useful tool. On the Chart of Accounts page you can select the export (excel) option and choose detailed nominal report… this was I found the matching Dr and Cr for this transaction. I can now make the required journal to fix this.

Just thought it would be good to share.


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Thanks for sharing that @xloganm15, I’m glad you found the answer.

A large proportion of items on the suspense account relate to bank transactions that have not yet been tagged. So for example when you enter a transaction on the bank or upload a bunch of transactions from a statement, one half goes into the bank nominal code and the other in suspense.

Suspense acts like a container to hold any unexplained transactions.