Switching from Limited Company to Sole Trader

Hello, I’m about to cease trading as a limited company and switch to sole trader (on professional advice) and will be leaving the limited company dormant. Am I right in thinking I will need to set up a new Quickfile account? If so, I presume I’ll still have access to the limited company account? Thanks

Yes you will need to create a new account. Perhaps create an affinity profile and import both accounts to that so you have access to both.

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Just to add to @Paul_Courtier’s post, we can help copy client and supplier details between the two accounts if you wish. Just let us know and we’ll take a look at this for you.

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That’s great, thank you.
I’ve now done this. QFMathew, help copying details would be great, thanks.

No problem. I’ll send you a private message shortly.

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