Syntax error, command unrecognized in SMTP settings


I’m trying to set up the SMTP account settings and am entering the correct details. When I save, I get a response back as “Syntax error, command unrecognized” followed by a welcome message from the mail server. There’s nothing under More Details except a dash. No email is received and if I try hitting the page again it prompts for an activation code. I’ve added the IP to the mail server settings (if that’s the right thing to do) and also updated the SPF record adding as an include directive. The domain I’m using is From what I can see (and understand) the settings are all correct, but clearly I’m missing something but there’s no indication as to what that could be.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Your SMTP port is set to 110 which is usually reserved for POP3 (Receiving emails). Try using port 25 or 587.

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