Tab for Taxes/direct submission for Self assessment

Hi Glenn

Another idea, which i have used in another cloud accounting software and really helps.

At the top of the dashboard where you have got Sales, Purchase, banking , Reports etc , it will be handy to have a tax just for Taxes.

A drop down list can have VAT (instead of VAT report), PAYE, Corporate tax and Self-assessment.

Data for this would come from -

a. VAT - this will be similar to how VAT report is done currently
b. PAYE- this can be pulled from payroll journals/ direct API by payroll provider
c. Corporate tax - this can be pulled from detailed profit & Loss calculation/report
d. Self-assessment - this will have various sources of data, both for sole trader and director.
mainly dividend income and salary amounts would need to be populated.

You already enable direct submission of VAT reports.

It will be handy if its possible to directly submit Self-assessment as well directly from the software. I know a few other software providers have started implementing this.

Ofcourse, we can’t have direct submissions for payroll (its possible) but Payroll site does it at the moment.
and Corporate tax CT600, this is a complex procedure and needs to be done properly by an accountant.

it will be great to know your thoughts on this and votes from other users are very welcome.



Tax is one of those areas that we’re very cautious to venture into as it’s heavily linked to changing legislation so it requires a large commitment of resources to keep everything compliant. Baking these routines into the software will add friction and delay our longer term plans to internationalise the product.

I know some other systems are heading this way and we do believe in providing an end-to-end solution but we’re more inclined to develop integrations with specialist tax and account prep. systems than develop this internally.

What you’re suggesting here however seems to be more of a reporting problem and if it’s just a case of organising tax related figures based on what’s already in the ledgers, this shouldn’t be a problem and something we will (time permitting) look at shortly.

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I am looking at it from a user’s reporting needs, just an estimate of CT & SA liability would go a long way

I do get clients who want their book keeping system to give close estimates of tax liabilities and filing dates


I’ll have a chat with @Joe on this and we can go from there.