Tag a refund not related to invoice

hi there, hope i can explain this.

I have to tag a refund. The refund is one large amount that was gained from a bunch of smaller invoices, so we invoiced the client say 6 times at £50 so there are 6 invoices, but the refund is one refund at £300, i cant tag the refund as it doesn’t relate to an invoice.

any help please? I am a bit stumped.

our account is ****411925

Thanks in advance

If you open up the screen to create a new invoice, what you can do is just enter the total sum you are refunding as a negative amount, when you save this invoice it will actual become a refund and you will be prompted which bank account you wish to issue the refund from.

thanks Glenn for quick reply, will give that a whirl


Hi, I have had the same issue and have done as you suggested which has created a credit against the Supplier. Following on from this how do I tag the refund amount in the bank account?

I have just realised that it has created an entry in the bank account as a credit of £222.00 but I have already got it in the credit on a different date from the Hotel. Do I just delete the later one?

Using that method it will always refund the amount to bank account of your choice:

If you have a credit sitting on a client or supplier account and want to refund it rather than hold it for future use you will need to bring up a list of the client/suppliers payments. You should then be able to find the payment that is unallocated and go into to view the details.

On the payment details page you can then refund the balance.

Thank you I think its sorted now.

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