Tagged transactions on current account


I’ve just been doing some tidying up on admin stuff.

I have looked at our company current account tagged transactions and have noticed that there are 7 greyed out transactions which can not be deleted (not that I need to delete). The same transactions in other months, tagged exactly the same way, are not greyed out and can be deleted.

I was just wondering why?

Ones you have only just tagged or ones that have been there a while? I find that when I first tag transactions the dates are then greyed out until I reload the page at which point they become editable again.

Other than that I believe it’s generally only transactions that come from a journal that tend to do that (including where you tag “something not on the list” and split it across more than one code, or as a salary payment when you have “post net wages to balance sheet only” set to OFF), or transactions that are locked by a year end or a cash accounting VAT return.

Edit: oh yeah, and cross-currency payments (e.g. a payment of a € invoice from a £ bank account)

Hi Ian

My grey transactions are old, July, Aug, Sep this year. Some are just monthly DD payments, others are transfers between bank accounts. There are no transactions which come from a journal. As I said, it’s not an issue as I don’t need to do anything with these, was just interested why some were greyed out.

The affected transactions are in a previous VAT period which I’ve had to unlock, make corrections and then re-submit, but not all the transactions generated in that period are greyed out, just random ones.

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