Tagging a credit to multiple invoices from multiple clients

Hi, I have a query with regard to tagging a credit on the bank account to multiple invoices from multiple clients. We have a situation whereby solicitors act on behalf of individual clients, when we send our invoices out, the solicitor is often responsible for making the payment so will do one payment to our company for a number of separate clients (we have each client set up separately on QuickFile). We then need to allocate/tag the one credit to various invoices. How can we do this? On looking at the system, I can only tag one credit to one client.
Thank you.

Easiest way would be to set up a new bank account, tag the transaction as a transfer

Then in the new bank account create seperate payments for each client and tag them to the invoices. The result should leave a zero balance on the new bank account.

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Thank you, that makes sense to do it that way.

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