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Tagging a refund on paypal account to a customer that was auto tagged

How do I tag a full refund on my paypal account, to a customer who was auto tagged?

Hi @baldrick

If you say the customer was auto tagged do you need to amend this tag? or are you asking how to tag the untagged transaction from your feed?

The customer bought a product on our website, paid through paypal, it was tagged and his name and transaction number logged. I was unable to supply goods within the time he required so I refunded the full amount through paypal. This is now on the paypal account as untagged. If i attempt to tag as a refund to a customer, I can’t select the customer it relates too as it was auto tagged and not in Quickfile data base.
Perhaps I have just missed something as I think I have been able to do this previously.

Hi @baldrick

You should be able to select the option to refund customer from the bank transaction. And then Type in the customers name - It may not appear in a scroll box but if you type it then you should see it.

If you are still unable to do this then I can take a look at your account for you

Thank you all sorted now. It worked this time.
Great accounts package! Couldn’t manage without it now!

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